Kencro Chemicals currently packages and private labels for a number of major national distributors and retailers. Kencro has the ability to custom package bulk liquids into smaller custom label retail packaging sizes from 500mL to 4 litre bottles. We can supply product from our bulk storage system or repackage product supplied by our customers. Our services also include custom packaging, custom labeling and direct shipment to your customers and/or retail locations.

Many of our products can also be custom diluted to meet your specific needs. Contact Kencro directly for more information.

Please note that at Kencro Chemicals, there is no minimum order and we are always looking to expand our product line. Please feel free to contact us should you have any particular inquiries.


Kencro Chemicals offers a wide range of packaging sizes
  • 500mL bottles
  • 1 litre bottles
  • 4 litre bottles
  • 20 litre delcans
  • 205 litre drums
  • 1000L portable tanks (I.B.C.)
  • Tank Truck Quantites